Erasmus+ Tematisk seminar for høyere utdanningsinstitusjoner

Har du erfaring med koordinering av Erasmus+ strategiske partnerskap eller kunnskapsallianser? Bli med på Erasmus+ tematisk seminar i Bologna i Italia, og del erfaringer om prosjektledelse av europeiske prosjekter. 

25.- 27. juni 2019 kan du delta på Erasmus+ tematisk seminar i Bologna i Italia, og dele erfaringer om prosjektledelse av europeiske prosjekter. 

Tittel: Fostering Erasmus+ cooperation projects impacts and cross fertilization on social inclusion and civic engagement 

Arbeidsspråk: Engelsk

Målgruppe: Prosjektkoordinatorer av strategiske partnerskap og kunnskapsallianser fra høyere utdanningsinstitusjoner. 

Profile of participants:

Because of the specific objectives of the TCA, it is expected that projects’ coordinators of HE Strategic Partnerships and Knowledge Alliances will participate and will be able to present the intellectual outputs that resulted from their projects. Such outputs shall be presented in order to create synergies among products/results and among projects in order to develop further in the same or similar identified topics.

Themes and goals of the event:
As shown by the 2018 Bologna Implementation Report, one area where further commitment and cooperation are essential is the social dimension of higher education. Despite commitments made throughout the Bologna Process, many challenges remain: disadvantaged  learners still face barriers to access and succeed in higher education; gender imbalances persist with important societal implications, and lifelong learning is not yet a reality in many countries.

Building on transnational cooperation projects will contribute to a stronger and more united EU. Results achieved so far by projects that rotate around the main theme of social inclusion and civic engagement will be the focus of this conference, to stimulate cross-fertilisation and synergies of ideas.

The participants will gain a wide range of theoretical input as well as the opportunity to exchange good practice examples as well as their ideas and experiences. Interactive elements of presentation will have a particular importance and a content related exchange with a high level of involvement from all participants that will engage in three working groups that will focus on the main theme of the TCA, declined as follows:

Fostering collaboration between HEIs and third sector organizations (community partners and social enterprises) for the benefit of both students and community
HE’s role in promoting inclusion of disadvantaged categories and reducing inequality
HE’s contribution to the promotion of democracy and intercultural dialogue

Expected results:

Create synergies among intellectual outputs
Exchange of good practices for further development of the European projects
Networking for future kind of co-operation

Programme of event:

Tuesday 25 June 2019
Celebration of the Bologna Declaration 20th Anniversary: 

Wednesday 26 June 2019
- Registration/check-in
- Short plenary session
- Working groups divided by topic: showcasing of best ideas/best I.O.
- Social event
- Dinner

Thursday 27 June 2019 (half day)
- Registration
- Plenary session with the Key note speakers
- Departure

Diku vil sende inntil tre personer til Italia. 

Deltakere som Diku velger, får dekket kostnader til reise, opphold og kursavgift. Deltakere må forplikte seg til å delta på hele seminaret.

Dersom dere ønsker å delta, kan dere fylle ut en interessemelding og sende til Diku innen 10. mars kl. 12.00.

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Fra: 25. jun. 2019 14:00
Til: 27. jun. 2019 13:00
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