Norwegian Artistic Research School: Seminar 1

Welcome to an introduction seminar for new fellows in the Norwegian Artistic Research School.

Who can attend?

Research fellows participating in the Norwegian Artistic Research School.  The seminar must be completed to qualify for participation in the other seminars in the research school. 

Supervisors are also welcome to attend. 


  • Artistic research
  • The Norwegian Artistic Researech School
  • Research Catalogue

Work and teaching methods

The seminar has two parts:

  • A web page for self-study that introduces artistic research and the research school
  • A 4-hour digital seminar

Practical information

Next opportunity to attend this seminar will be 18 April 2023.

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3. apr. 2023
Fra: 18. apr. 2023 10:00
Til: 18. apr. 2023 14:00
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