Norwegian Artistic Research School: Seminar 3

This digital seminar is about ethics in artistic research and artistic practice. It provides an introduction to basic research ethics and ethics in the arts, as well as methods for mapping ethical dimensions of artistic research. Various ethical challenges and potentials are discussed based on the research fellows’ projects.

Who can attend?

Research fellows participating in the Norwegian Artistic Research School. Seminar 1 must be completed to qualify for participation in seminar 3.  The recommended time is the second semester.

Learning outcome

  • masters fundamental theory relating to artistic research
  • can discuss ethical principles and concerns in artistic research
  • can identify ethical issues and can engage in artistic research with integrity 

Work and teaching methods

Digital seminar with preparatory assignments, lectures, group work and plenary discussions.

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Fra: 8. mai 2023
Til: 10. mai 2023
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