Norwegian Artistic Research School: Seminar 4

The seminar is about relationships in artistic research. Based on the research fellows’ research projects, endeavours are made to map relations and how they influence artistic processes and results in the different phases of projects. Experience is shared by leading and carrying out complex artistic projects.


  • Who can attend?

    Research fellows participating in the Norwegian Artistic Research School. Seminar 1 must be completed to qualify for participation in seminar 4.  Third semester is recommended.

  • Learning outcome
    • can formulate research questions and plan the artistic research, with the focus on artistic processes and results 
    • can work on complex questions, and challenge established discourses and practices in the field
  • Work methods

    Seminar with preparatory assignments, lectures, presentations in varied formats, plenary discussions and discussions in groups. Group work sessions led by the research fellows themselves.

    Research fellows must have read the literature on the mandatory reading list and prepared a text and presentation in a relevant format. During the seminar, research fellows must give a presentation and play an active part in the discussion of other research fellows’ projects.

    Scope: A total workload of 75–90 hours, corresponding to 3 credits.

  • Preparations

    General preparations:

    • Watch the pre-recorded lectures in the seminar exposition (will be shared with the seminar participants).
    • Read the mandatory literature on the reading list.
    • Read/hear/see the introductions from the other fellows (will be shared in the seminar exposition). We do expect that you especially are familiar with the submissions from the fellows in your group (groups will be announced in the seminar exposition).


    Preparation for the group work sessions: 

    • Define one or more issues or questions related to your project that you want to discuss in the group work session.   
    • Submit an introduction to your project and the issues or questions you would like to discuss with your group. The introduction should not be longer than 250 words. Should you choose to submit a video or audio introduction, the maximum length is 3 minutes. Your contribution will be shared with all the participants one week before the seminar. Deadline: 30 August. Send to:
    • Prepare a 10-minute presentation of your project and the issues or questions you would like to discuss. 
  • Program

    Wednesday 07.09.22

    10.36 - 11:01      Train from Bergen to Vaksdal

    11.15 – 11.30     Opening session: Welcome and presentations, programme perspectives, seminar aims and methods

    11.30 – 12.30     "Relationship" – A short workshop on mapping relations in projects

    12.30 – 13.30     Lunch

    13:30 - 14:30      Presentation by Alexander Furunes

    14.30 – 14.45     Short break

    14.45 – 15.30     "Project management and leadership part 1"

    15.30 – 15.45     Short break

    15.45 – 16.30     "Project management and leadership part 2" 

    16.30 – 16.45     Short break

    16.45 – 17.30     Experiential reflection: Moving questions

    17.57 - 18:25     Train from Vaksdal to Bergen

    18:45                  Dinner in Bergen


    Thursday 08.09.22

    09.28 - 09:53     Train from Bergen to Vaksdal

    10.00 – 11:00     Experiential reflection: Expanding attention

    11.00 – 11.130    Break/reorganisation

    11.30 – 13:00     Group workshop session 1

    13.00 – 14:00     Lunch

    14.00 – 15.30     Group workshop session 2

    15:30 – 15.45     Plenary session

    15:59 - 16:29      Train from Vaksdal to Bergen

    17:00 -                  Finnisage, exhibition: Nina Malterud, KODE (not mandatory)

    18.30                  Dinner in Bergen


    Friday 09.09.22

    09.28 - 09.53     Train from Bergen to Vaksdal

    10.00 – 10:30     Experiential reflection: Making meaning

    10.30 – 10.45     Break/reorganisation

    10.45 – 12.15     Group workshop session 3

    12.15 – 13.15     Lunch

    13.15 – 14.45     Group workshop session 4

    14:55 - 15:28      Train from Vaksdal to Bergen - reflecting/discussing/evaluation of seminar


    Additional program:

    Bergen Assembly 8-11 September

  • Practical information

    The venue of the seminar is Vaksdal Mill in Vaksdal,  25 minutes by train from Bergen. 

    Each participant must book and pay for their own travel and stay in Bergen. HK-dir will book and pay for the train tickets between Bergen and Vaksdal.

    Online participation is not possible.

    Seminar 4 is offered yearly, the next opportunity to attend the seminar is 6-8 September 2023.

  • Reading list

    Crispin, Darla, 2019. Artistic Research as a Process of Unfolding 

    Parkinson, Chrysa.: Self interview on practice and Doubt in process: A Map and A Compass 

    Solstad, Dag: T. Singer , first page 

    A Dancer is Moving with...
    A Map for Conversation by Manon Santkin 

    The following texts are available in the seminar exposition (will be shared with registered participants):

    Gundersen, Jostein et al. (2020). Map Ethics!

    Hughes, Rolf (2004): Exposition.

    Crispin, Darla (2014): Scaling Parnassus in Running Shoes. 

  • Seminar contributors
  • The Norwegian Artistic Research School

    Norwegian Artistic Research School offers through seminars, meetings and conferences joint training for doctoral fellows in Artistic Research.

    Read more about the Norwegian Artistic Research School here.

  • Regulations
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Fra: 7. sep. 2022 10:00
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