Research Fellowship Seminar 3: Ethics and Artistic Practice

Welcome to the seminar on Ethics and Artistic practice at Voksenåsen Kultur- og konferansehotell,  May 6th and May 7th.

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The seminar will aim to discuss ethics from several perspectives, from more narrow questions of right and wrong to broader questions of how ethics can help our understanding. The way ethics works within and along with aesthetics is also a relevant discussion for artists and the way they contribute to artistic research.


  • Introduction to relevant research ethics, art ethics and copyright 
  • Discussion of the different projects’ ethical implications, consequences and potential 

Learning outcomes

On completion of the seminar: 

  • the research fellow is familiar with key issues in research ethics, art ethics and copyright 
  • the research fellow is capable of identifying the potential ethical implications and copyright issues in his/her own and other research fellows' projects 

Work method

  • Lecture-based seminar with course literature, presentations and discussions
  • The research fellows shall describe the ethical potential in their own projects and present this at the next research school seminar 

This seminar is for Research fellows and PHd-candiates in the Artistic Research School.

Fra: 6. mai 2019 11:00
Til: 7. mai 2019 17:00
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