Research Fellowship Seminar 4: Exchange and development

This seminar is for research fellows and PhD-candidates in the Norwegian Artistic Research School.

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  • Introduction to the terms exposition, reflection and relation as they are used in artistic research
  • The research fellows present their reflection work and discuss suitable formats for documenting this work
  • Group work on the projects’ potential for contributing to the field
  • Exchange of experience of managing complex artistic projects

Learning outcomes
On completion of the seminar:

  • the research fellow is capable of articulating challenges and qualities in his/her own project •the research fellow, through interaction with others, is capable of raising questions that contribute to the development and discussion of projects
  • the research fellow can contribute to the development of new knowledge, new theories, methods, interpretations and forms of documentation in the subject area
  • the research fellow can deal with complex academic issues and challenge established knowledge and practice in the subject area
  • the research fellow can identify the project's main phases and manage complex artistic projects
  • the research fellow is familiar with project work as a work method in artistic research

Work method

  • Workshop-based seminar with discussions in small groups, lectures and presentations. The research fellows are given an opportunity to discuss their own projects in detail. 



Fra: 4. sep. 2019 10:00
Til: 6. sep. 2019 15:30
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