White Paper on student mobility: A summary

The overall goal of this White Paper, published October 2020, is to contribute to a cultural change in the higher education sector where international student mobility becomes a natural and integral part of all study programmes. Here you will find a summary of the paper. 

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The Vienna Declaration on Artistic Research

Artistic Research is practice-based, practice-led research in the arts which has developed rapidly in the last twenty years globally and is a key knowledge base for art education in Higher Arts Education Institutions. The Vienna Declaration is intended as a policy document addressing political decision makers, funding bodies, higher education and research institutions as well as other organisations and individuals catering for and undertaking artistic research.

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Information to project coordinators for projects financed by Diku

Diku understands that the corona situation will have a significant impact on the implementation of many of the projects we finance.

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Four new Centres for Excellence in Education

Four new academic environments have been awarded the status Centre for Excellence in Education (SFU), with host institutions in Bergen, Oslo and Horten. The centres will receive a total of 137 million NOK over five years.

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