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Graduate SurveyA door opener in the arts field

This report presents the results of a graduate survey targeting persons who completed either the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme or a doctoral degree programme in artistic research at a Norwegian institution of higher education. The goal of the survey is to map what benefit graduates derived from these study programmes and their significance for the graduates' professional careers.

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Strengthening public sector management in Ukraine

Strengthening public sector management in Ukraine (NUPSEE)

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Enhancing primary eye health care in Moldova

Under the Cooperation Programme with Eurasia, the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) and the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Moldova are working together to strengthen academic optometry education.

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Norway and Sri Lanka unlocking potential in the Blue Economy

Norway and Sri Lanka are working together through the Nor-Lanka-project in order to strengthen the Blue Economy. Diku will fund the project until 2023.

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White Paper on student mobility: A summary

The overall goal of this White Paper, published October 2020, is to contribute to a cultural change in the higher education sector where international student mobility becomes a natural and integral part of all study programmes. Here you will find a summary of the paper. 

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The Vienna Declaration on Artistic Research

Artistic Research is practice-based, practice-led research in the arts which has developed rapidly in the last twenty years globally and is a key knowledge base for art education in Higher Arts Education Institutions. The Vienna Declaration is intended as a policy document addressing political decision makers, funding bodies, higher education and research institutions as well as other organisations and individuals catering for and undertaking artistic research.

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Information to project coordinators for projects financed by Diku

Diku understands that the corona situation will have a significant impact on the implementation of many of the projects we finance.

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