Artistic Research Autumn Forum

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Artistic Research Forum cannot be organized in its traditional form this autumn. We are planning a hybrid event featuring streamed keynotes, presentations and performances from our host, NTNU, combined with digital parallell sessions where research fellows and project managers present their work. At some institutions there might also be smaller onsite events.


Artistic Research Autumn Forum was established by the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (NARP) as a yearly conference to promote the understanding of artistic research in a national and international perspective. At the conference, there will be parallel sessions with presentations of projects funded by NARP, as well as presentations of research fellows projects.

Who can attend? 

Research fellows, supervisors, project managers, academic and administrative staff and other concerned with artistic research. 


The forum will start with a streamed opening session and keynote speak on 12 October in the afternoon. About 40 presentations by research fellows and projects funded by NARP is scheduled in parallel sessions (four tracks) for 13-14 October.

A digital Research Catalogue workshop is offered on 15 October.

The detailed forum program will be announced in June. 

The presentations

The presentations should be made digital available to all forum participants, either recorded or live streamed from your institution or other location.

The discussions after the presentations are set up as Zoom meetings with technical support and a moderator to facilitate the discussion.

Project presentations

Each session has a time limit of 120 minutes. The session will contain three elements:

  • The project presentation/demonstration (60 min)
  • The commentator’s comments and critiques (15 min)
  • The public discussion with the forum participants (45 min)

All presentations of projects funded by NARP will be supplied with an external commentator. The commentators’ task is to offer a constructive, critical view to the project team and to the other participants so as to inspire the consecutive debate on the artistic research aspects in the project.

Presentations by research fellows

Each session has a time limit of 60 minutes: 30 min presentation time followed by 30 min feedback from the audience/discussion.

The presentations should focus on the following topics:

1st Year research fellows will introduce their projects. The main goal for the presentation should be to give the audience an insight to the artistic ideas for the project and the processes planned: the placement of the artistic work in relation to the fellow’s specific field, nationally and internationally, and how the project will contribute to the development of this field. 

2nd Year research fellows should articulate and reflect on methods and work processes. The research fellows will introduce their thoughts on something that at the moment is perceived as a particular challenge within the project. They should also use this opportunity to promote critical dialogue within the audience and to discuss ethical concerns. 

3rd year research fellows should reflect upon the nearly finished project. Relevant issues for the project presentations could be:

  • How do you recognise, describe and note your thoughts and reflection during the last phase up to a finished artistic result?
  • In what way has the project developed and/or changed during the fellowship period? What have been the important choices and turning points?
  • What do you expect the Assessment committee to focus on in your final assessment? What do you want them to discover in your final assessment?

Research fellows should be in dialogue with supervisors to be sure they are available to attend their presentations. Cancellation of presentations must be negotiated with the fellows institution.


Registration deadline:
Oct 1, 2020
From: Oct 12, 2020 6:00 PM
To: Oct 14, 2020 8:00 PM
Zoom / NTNU
Send an email to