Norwegian Artistic Research School: Seminar 2

The seminar is about sharing and documentation in artistic research. Based on the research fellows’ projects, different time-limited and permanent formats for presentation and documentation are discussed, as well as how they influence work methods, artistic results and reflections.

Who can atttend?

Research fellows participating in the Norwegian Artistic Research School. Seminar 1 must be completed to qualify for participation in seminar 2.

Learning outcome

  • Can contribute to the discourse on artistic research  
  • Can share artistic research in relevant national and international contexts

Work and teaching methods

Physical seminar with preparatory assignments, lectures, presentations in varied formats, plenary discussions and discussions in groups. The seminar moderator will send assignments and a supplementary reading list to participants at least one months before the seminar.

Ikon som viset en kalender
Registration deadline:
Jan 8, 2023
From: Feb 8, 2023 10:00 AM
To: Feb 10, 2023 4:00 PM
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