Norwegian Artistic Research School: Seminar 6

Seminar 6 is an extra seminar offered to research fellows who would like to meet their peers in quiet surroundings to discuss and reflect together. 


  • About the seminar

    Seminar 6 is an extra seminar offered to research fellows that would like to meet physically to discuss their projects. Graduated research fellows are invited to share their experiences related to presenting the final artistic work and defending their project in the public Viva Voce.

    There will also be plenty of time to discuss the fellow´s projects in informal conversations.

  • Who can attend?

    The seminar is open to all fellows participating in the Norwegian Artistic Research School. You do not have to have completed any of the other seminars to qualify for participation.

    Please note that participation in seminar 6 is optional and not part of the mandatory seminars in the Research School.


  • Work methods

    We aim for an informal seminar, with lot of freedom and space for small conversations, based on trust, openness and willingness to share and support each other.


  • Schedule

    Tuesday September 21

    12:56-16:01:  Train Bergen – Vatnahalsen   

    08:25-13:29:  Train Oslo – Vatnahalsen (alternatively Oslo - Myrdal 12:03 - 16:45.  Myrdal - Vatnahalsen: 20 minutes walk on Rallarvegen).  

    18:00-19:00:  Welcome session – becoming familiar (Liv Kristin Holmberg and Fernanda Branco)

    19:00-19:30:  Short and informal workshop – mapping expectations and identifying needs, shaping and refining the programme for day 2 and 3 (Linda Lien)

    19:30-21:00:  Dinner at Vatnahalsen Hotel



    Wednesday September 22

    07:30-09:30:  Breakfast 

    10:00-10.15:  Short morning ritual: Paying attention to the weaknesses / cracks in our projects (Fernanda Branco and Elliot Moleba)

    10:30-12:30:  Parallel group work sessions – small groups digging into different themes and subjects defined by the fellows and their needs 

    12:30-13:45:  Lunch at Vatnahalsen Hotel

    13:45-14:45: Conversations and input from graduated research fellow (Tale Næss)

    15:00-16:00:  Outdoor session - conversations and input from graduated research fellow (Knut Olaf Sunde)

    16:00-17:00:  Outdoor cooking 

    17:00-19:00:  Time on your own, rest, walk and talk 

    19:30-21:30:  Dinner at Vatnahalsen Hotel


    Thursday September 23

    07:30-09:30:  Breakfast at Vatnahalsen Hotel

    10:00-10.15:  Short morning ritual Bringing something back home (Fernanda Branco)

    10:30 –11:30: Parallel group work sessions – small groups digging into different themes and subjects defined by the fellows and their needs 

    11:30-12:45:  Lunch at Vatnahalsen Hotel

    13:09-15:59:  Train Vatnahalsen-Bergen  

    13:09-19:05:  Train Vatnahalsen-Oslo 

  • Practical information

    About the hotel

    The seminar will take place at Vatnahalsen Hotel, Myrdal. Read more about the location:  

    The price is NOK 1890 per night, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) included.

    HK-dir will book the accommodation for registered participants. 


    Packing list

    We recommend you bring functional and warm outdoor clothing:  

    • Wind- and waterproof jacket and trousers
    • Warm sweater or jacket
    • Water-resistant hiking shoes 
    • Head wear and gloves 


    Don´t you have such clothes? Let us know what you miss and your size, and we will do our best to borrow clothes you can use during the seminar.  

  • How to get there?

    The hotel can only be reached by train. Tickets:

    We reccommend you to buy tickets for the following departures: 

    21 September

    •  Bergen – Vatnahalsen: 12:56-16:01. 
    • Oslo – Vatnahalsen: 08:25-13.29 or Oslo-Myrdal: 12:03-16.45 (Myrdal-Vatnahalsen: 20 minutes walk on Rallarvegen). 


    23 September

    • 13:09-15:59:  Vatnahalsen - Bergen  
    • 13:09-19:05:  Vatnahalsen - Oslo 
  • Recommended preparations

    Learn more about graduated fellow Knut Olaf Sunde and his PhD project: 

    Learn more about graduated fellow Janne-Camilla Lyster and her PhD project: 


    Learn more about graduated fellow Tale Næss and her PhD project: 

    Learn more about the institutional guidelines (excerpt) - presentation shared in seminar 5, June 2021.

    We would like you to bring a weakness or a crack in your project to the seminar.

    Thid could be described by words, or take form of an object, a visual, a sound or a movement.

    If you would like to share material with the other participants before the seminar, you should send this to: no later than September 13.

  • Seminar contributors
    • Linda Lien, graduated research fellow
    • Knut Olaf Sunde, graduated research fellow
    • Tale Næss, graduated research fellow
  • Program committee
    • Eliot Moleba
    • Fernanda Branco
    • Idin Samimi Mofakham
    • Liv Kristin Holmberg
    • Sally Dean
    • Sveinung Rudjord Unneland
  • Covid-19

    The infection control rules and recommendations given by the Norwegian authorities will be followed. 


    Infection prevention measures

    • Participants who are ill can not attend
    • Everyone must practise good hand hygiene and cough etiquette
    • Everyone should maintain a physical distance of at least 1 metre from one another


    We encourage all participants to take a coronavirus test within 48 hours before the seminar.

  • Credits

    The seminar is not part of the mandatory research school seminars, but it might be possible to include in your individual training component. If desired, please discuss this with your institution. To document the participation and the learning outcome, you should:

    • Before the seminar: define your individual learning outcomes, related to the institutional learning outcomes for individual professional training component. For example, one of the learning outcomes at one of the institutions is “disseminate the candidates research to peers” and teaching and learning methods might be “participating in seminars where one’s own work is presented”, “presentations to peers in Norwegian or English”, “organizing and participating in relevant seminars or conferences”. See the whole description here, as an example.
    • After the seminar: document your participation (choosen activites) and learning outcomes through a short report and a reflection in your preferred medium.

    Seminars in the Norwegian Artistic Research School normally has a workload equal to 3 credits (75-90 hours).

  • Norwegian Artistic Research School

    Norwegian Artistic Research School offers through seminars, meetings and conferences joint training for doctoral fellows in Artistic Research.

    Read more about the Norwegian Artistic Research School here

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