Seminar 3 - Norwegian Artistic Research School

The seminar is about ethics in artistic research and artistic practice. It provides an introduction to basic research ethics and ethics in the arts, as well as methods for mapping ethical dimensions of artistic research. Various ethical challenges and potentials are discussed based on the research fellows’ projects.  

Who can attend?

Research fellows participating in the Norwegian Artistic Research School. Recommended time is second semester.

  • Work and teaching methods

    Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the seminar will be based on digital participation. An online start up-seminar with talks and presentations was offered on May 11. After that, the fellows worked on their own with a reflection task (submission deadline 12 June). The seminar will be concluded with group discussions and a summing up conversation on 7 September (10-16). 

  • Program

    11 May (10-14) - Online start-up seminar

    Lectures with focus on fundamental principles of research ethics.


    12 June - Submission deadline

    Please see "coursework requirements" for information about the assignment. 


    7 September - Seminar conclusion

    9:30-10:00: Informal morning coffee (optional)

    10.00-10.45: Introduction / plenum session

    10.45-11:00: Break

    11:00-15:00: Group sessions. Each group organize the discussion and breaks. At least 30 min. for each fellow.

    15:00-16:00: Plenum discussions

  • Coursework requirements

    We ask you to develop and fashion a small project, related to your own work and to the ethical issue that you have highlighted, therefore trying to address a particular ethical question through your own practice. You are free to choose any artistic expression and format - for example a brief video, a few lines of poetry or phrases of music, a short video performance, or a photography of a piece of work. It is important that you provide a brief explanatory text, so that the relationship pf the nature of the ethical question to the artmaking that addresses it may be clear to those outside your work.

    This small piece of work will be placed in a collective, private online exposition on the Research Catalogue, open only to the Ethic Seminar group. 

    Please send your material (or a link to your material) to by 12 June at 10.00. 

    There is no minimum size (for example words) for your contribution. However, you need to submit a contribution to get the seminar participation approved. 

  • Reading list

    The libraries are temporarily closed, but digital services are still available.

    Compulsory reading

    • Crispin, Darla (2016). ‘Whereof We Cannot Be Silent, Thereof Must We Speak’; Susan Sontag’s ‘Silences’, in IIIIXIII fourbythreemagazine, Issue 6, ‘Silence’, Christine Jakobson and Bernard Hay (eds.).
    • Crispin, Darla (2017). Is Artistic Research in Music a Feminist Failure? Page 131-141 in: Futures of Artistic Research, Writings from the Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts, Helsinki, Jan Kaila, Anita Seppä and Henk Slager (eds.).
    • Confidentiality, The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees
    • Consent, The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees
    • Gundersen, Jostein (2020). Map Ethics! A method for identifying and addressing ethical dimensions of artistic research projects. [This text has been shared with all registered seminar participants].


    Optional reading

    • Cobussen, Mark and Nielsen, Nanette (2012). Music and ethics. 1st ed. Farnham, Surrey, England: Ashgate. ‘Introduction’, Chapter 2 ‘Discourse’, and Chapter 6 ‘Engagement’.
    • Nielsen, Nanette (2017). ‘Musical Philosophy for an Unravelling World’ First published by The Philosophers’ Magazine, Issue 76, 1st Quarter 2017. ISSN: 2048-4674
    • Nielsen, Nanette and Phillips-Hutton, Ariana. Forthcoming. ‘Musical Ethics’. In the Oxford Handbook of Western Music and Philosophy edited by Jerrold Levinson, Tomas McAuley, and Nanette Nielsen. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


    General resource sites on research ethics

  • Seminar moderators

    Seminar leader: Darla Crispin, Professor, Norwegian Academy of Music

    Other contributors:

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