Seminar 4 - Norwegian Artistic Research School

The seminar is about sharing and documentation in artistic research. Based on the research fellows’ research projects, endeavours are made to map relations and how they influence artistic processes and results in the different phases of projects. Experience is shared by leading and carrying out complex artistic projects. 

About the seminar

  • Who can attend?

    Research fellows participating in the Norwegian Artistic Research School. Third semester is recommended. Seminars 1-3 must be completed to qualify for participation in seminar 4.

  • Learning outcome
    • Can formulate research questions and plan the artistic research, with the focus on artistic processes and results
    • Can work on complex questions, and challenge established discourses and practices in the field
  • Work and teaching methods

    The seminar is workshop-based with discussions in small groups, lectures and presentations. The research fellows are given an opportunity to discuss their own projects in detail.

    Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are planning for a mix of physical and digital presence. If possible and desired, physical meetings in small groups will be organised, whilst facilitating digital presence for those who are not able to meet physically.

    Lectures will be video recorded and should be viewed ahead of the seminar days.

    Group workshops

    Groups of 4-5 research fellows work together, with the aim of strengthening a particular aspect in each of the fellows’ project. Each fellow will lead the group for a session of about 75 minutes. During this session the fellow brings forward a particular challenge or aspect of his/her project, inviting the group to respond. The format and length of this presentation is up to the fellow. The group works together on developing this aspect, moderated by the fellow. The same groups are kept for all workshop sessions. The fellows are free to choose the topics for their respective session. 

    The workshop is a good opportunity to discuss your project with other fellows extensively. We strongly advice all fellows to invite the group to take part in a discussion, rather than presenting the research project for 75 minutes. 


  • Coursework requirements

    Research fellows must read the literature on the mandatory reading list and prepare a group workshop. During the seminar, research fellows must play an active part in the discussion of other research fellows’ projects.

    All fellows must submit a short abstract (no longer than 250 words) of their projects and the research issues they plan to discuss in the group workshop. The abstract should be sent to pku@diku no later than 24 August.

  • Program

    The seminar program will soon be announced

  • Reading list


    More texts will be added to the reading list

  • Seminar moderators

    Seminar moderator will be previous research fellow, Associate Professor Jostein Gundersen, University of Bergen.

    Guest speakers and commentators:


Registration deadline:
Aug 10, 2020
From: Sep 8, 2020 10:00 AM
To: Sep 9, 2020 4:00 PM
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