Supervisors' Seminar (canceled)

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, we unfortunately find it necessary to cancel the Supervisors' Seminar. All participants who have registered for the seminar will receive information by email.

We also address the topic of research fellows and mental health: What can the supervisors do if the fellows face challenges which not directly are related to their project development? Internal and external speakers are invited to share their thoughts on the different issues, and the lectures will be followed by discussions in smaller groups and plenum sessions.  

As a supervisor you have a certain kind of responsibility, but also great freedom. Jostein Gundersen is a supervisor for research fellows, but he has also for several years coordinated the Norwegian Artistic Research School's training component and met fellows across institutions and subject areas. What is the supervisor's responsibility, for example when projects faces ethical challenges, how is this responsibility dealt with, and how can the supervisors support the fellows so that they get the most out of the research school's offerings? 

Many doctoral candidates never complete or are significantly delayed. Statistics from 2016 shows that 34 percent of the fellows starting up in 2009 had not completed after six years, which is the goal the authorities have set for completing a ph.d. The figures are related to scientific research, but the issue is highly relevant in the field of artistic research. There are various reasons why fellows are struggling, but also common explanations. Senior adviser Kristine Mollø-Christensen from the University of Oslo meets some of the Ph.d.-candidates who are stressed and feeling down. In the seminar she shares her experiences and give advices on how to prevent fellows from falling into a black hole. 

In addition, Ellen Ugelvik, deputy chair of the Research School Board, will contribute with reflections on theory and methods - concepts that were widely discussed both during the revision of the research school's training component and in the annual dialogue meeting organized by the research school in June 2019. How do we understand and use the different concepts? 

Language: Mainly English  

Who can attend?

Supervisors of research fellows participating in the Norwegian Artistic Research School. 


12:30Welcome by Anne-Helen Mydland, chair of the research school, and Inger Stray Lien, chair of Norwegian Artistic Research Programme
12:45The supervisor role:  Responsibility and ethical challenges - and how the supervisors and the research school can strengthen each other
14:00Artistic research: Concepts, theory and methods 
15:15Mental health and challenges fellows can meet - and how we can meet the challenges 
16:30Plenum discussion and summary 
18:00Gathering and opening of Artistic Research Spring Forum 2020 with artistic contributions by 3rd year fellows 



The Supervisors' Seminar and Artistic Research Forum takes place at Klækken Hotel outside Hønefoss. The organizing committee has pre-booked rooms for the participants at the hotel. Price per night (breakfast, lunch and dinner included) is NOK 1545. Day guests pay NOK 545 (lunch included). All participants must book their own accommodation by 21st of February. We cannot guarantee for available rooms after this date. 

You are welcome to contact if you have questions about the booking.


Klækken Hotel is located about one hour by car from Oslo and Gardermoen. There will not be organised transportation from Gardermoen to Klækken. The airport bus takes about 1 hour from Gardermoen (platform 32) to Klækken and costs NOK 300 one way.

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Mar 8, 2020
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