22 applicants for Centres for excellence in education (SFU)

Diku has received 22 applications from academic communities for status as Centres for Excellence in Education.

29th of April was the application deadline for Centres for excellence in education (SFU) and Diku received 22 applications. Some of the academic communities have applied previously while others are new to the initiative.

The applications are approved for further evaluation which will be performed by an expert panel. The panel will make a selection of finalists by the end of June 2019.

Overview of applicants and host institutions, potential consortium partners are not included in the list.

Centre nameHost institution
C21Enhance Centre for Enhancement of 21st Century Skills in Higher EducationUiT The Arctic University of Norway (NO-UiT)
Centre for Excellence in Interprofessional EducationUiT The Arctic University of Norway (NO-UiT)
Centre for Integrated Earth System Science EducationUniversity of Bergen
Centre for Integrated and transdisciplinary education in spatial planningNorwegian University of Life Sciences
Centre of Excellence in Maritime Simulator Training and AssessmentUniversity of South-Eastern Norway
SCOPE - Center for excellence in medical and nurse educationNTNU- Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Ecology for Language LearningNTNU- Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Center for foreign language education excellence in societyUniversity of Bergen
Be-Ing: Becoming EngineerNTNU Fakultet for informatikk og elektronikk
Centre for Computational Rhetoric LearningNTNU- Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Centre for Experiential Legal LearningUniversity of Oslo
Centre for Excellence in Education for BioMedical Laboratory ScientistsWestern Norway University of Applied Sciences
Centre for Performance-Based Electronic MusicUniversity of Agder
REDE - Resilience and Ethics in Dance EducationOslo National Academy of The Arts (KHiO)
Oslo Academy for Studies in International HistoryUniversity of Oslo
LEAD - Centre for Excellent Journalism EducationVolda University College
Research-based Strategic Technological Approaches to Russian TeachingUiT The Arctic University of Norway
Centre of Interprofessional Interaction with Children and YouthOsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University
Centre of Excellent Simulation and eLearningUniversity of Stavanger
Centre for Sustainable Health Care EducationUniversity of Oslo
Centre of Excellence in Nursing EducationUniversity of Agder

After the announcement of the applications, one has been withdrawn. This is why the list now contains 21 applications.

Assessment of applications

To assess applications for Centers for excellence (SFU), Diku has appointed an expert panel with broad expertise in higher education quality development. The expert panel is predominantly international to ensure credibility in their assessments and to ensure that the centers represent excellence on an international level. The expert panel members have a background in a variety of disciplines to ensure a comprehensive approach to assessing applications. Several members have also assessed applications in previous SFU calls, while others are new to SFUs in Norway. The expert panel includes a student representative appointed by the Norwegian Union of Students to ensure that students’ perspective is maintained throughout the assessment process. 

The expert panel will select finalists in mid-June. The finalists will have an institutional visit by the panel in week 36 or 39. Subsequent to the visits, the panel will submit a recommendation to the Diku board, the board will make a decision on appointment of new SFUs in December 2019.

Diku has appointed the following members to the expert panel to evaluate SFU applications in 2019:

  • Professor Stephanie Marshall, Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom, Committee leader
  • Associate Professor, Astrid Elbek, Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium, Denmark
  • Dr. Janusz Janczukowicz, Medical University of Lodz, Poland
  • Professor Liudvika Leisyte, Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany
  • Student Øystein Parelius, OsloMet, Norway 
  • Professor Richard Reece, University of Manchester, United Kingdom 
  • Associate Professor, Torgny Roxå, Lund University, Sweden

Read more about Centres for excellence in education (SFU) and the panel members here.