Four new Centres for Excellence in Education

Four new academic environments have been awarded the status Centre for Excellence in Education (SFU), with host institutions in Bergen, Oslo and Horten. The centres will receive a total of 137 million NOK over five years.

Centres for Excellence in Education is a prestigious scheme that is intended to stimulate outstanding quality in Norwegian higher education.

“The academic environments that receive this status are outstanding at an international level. They have demonstrated that they are innovative in their work with education and have great ambitions for further development”, says Director General of Diku, Harald Nybølet.

After the allocation of four new centres, there are 12 academic environments that have been awarded SFU-status.

“The centres are important driving forces for the development of quality in higher education, both at their own institution and for the entire sector”, says Nybølet.

“Deserve the best in teaching”

SFU-status is granted for five years with the possibility for renewal for another five years after a mid-term evaluation. This provides the academic environments with resources to work strategically and long-term in developing its teaching practices.

“We need more environments that take the lead in developing varied high-quality teaching, because all students deserve the best in teaching. Society and the labour market also need good candidates from universities and colleges. Therefore, it is gratifying that we now have new centres for excellent education in place”, says the Minister of Research and Higher Education, Iselin Nybø.

The centres have a particular responsibility for disseminating knowledge and practices that lead to increased quality in higher education, both inside and beyond their own institution.

”We know that lectures are the most used form of teaching. And that there is a great potential for more innovative teaching, where, among other things, technology is being used more widely. Knowledge and other research must be disseminated in other ways to organize good teaching practices, and here, these centres play an important role”, says Nybø.

Four strong academic environments

The four centres that has been awarded SFU-status are:

COAST is a consortium in maritime education. The University of South-Eastern Norway is the host institution, while Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, NTNU Ålesund, and the University of Tromsø - Norway’s Arctic University, are partners.

SHE is a center at the Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo. This is an interdisciplinary centre within the health sciences, focusing on global perspectives on education and the UN’s sustainability goals becoming part of education.

CELL is a centre at the Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo. The centre aims to change the lawyer education in Norway. Counting this allocation, the University of Oslo now has four Centres for Excellence in Education.  

iEarth is a consortium in geosciences. The University of Bergen is the host institution, while the University of Oslo, the University of Tromsø, and the University Centre in Svalbard are partners.

The expert committee that has evaluated the SFU applications has written a general feedback to applicants and finalists. Read the overall feedback from the committee. All applications and the committee's assessments will be available on

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