These are the SFU finalists

21 proposals have become 8 finalists. Find the list of who are still in the running here.

In April, Diku received 21 proposals from academic communities applying for the status as Centres for Excellence in Education. 

These are the 8 finalists:

  • CELL - Centre for Experiential Legal Learning
  • COAST - Centre of Excellence in Maritime Simulator Training and Assessment
  • iEarth - Centre for Integrated Earth System Science Education
  • IPEX - Centre for Excellence in Interprofessional Education
  • LEAD - Centre for Excellent Journalism Education
  • OAS-HIS - Oslo Academy for Studies in International History
  • SHE - Centre for Sustainable Health Care Education
  • SIMeLEARN - Centre of Excellent Simulation and eLearning

On June 17th - 18th the SFU expert panel gathered to perform a thorough evaluation of the proposals. The panel selected 8 finalists, who will receive site visits in September 2019. 

The expert panel consists of international experts in quality development in higher education to ensure that the centres selected as finalists represent excellence on an international level. 

The expert panel members have backgrounds in a variety of disciplines to ensure a comprehensive approach to assessing proposals. Several members have also assessed proposals in previous SFU calls, while others are new to SFUs in Norway. The expert panel includes a student representative appointed by the Norwegian Union of Students to ensure that student perspectives are considered throughout the assessment process. 

The Panel was impressed with the level of commitment from the applicants.  

Read more about the expert panel

Chair of the Committee, Stephanie Marshall, noted: “The existing quality of education in the Centres comes across very strongly”.   

Although none of the applicants received a top grade, four were awarded 6 out of 7.   

“All the selected finalists had considerable strengths, but none had a perfectly balanced application across all the criteria. Two particularly weak areas across all the submissions were the evaluation and impact frameworks presented, and the dissemination plans.” 

Marshall continues: “Many applicants could have benefitted from a ‘critical friend’ approach, drawing on the wealth of expertise in Norway across the existing SFUs”.  

All proposals with grades 5 or 6 will receive a site visit. The expert panel will visit the finalists in two weeks in September, with Marshall “eager to hear more about how the Centres plan to deliver on their ambitions, and meeting students and staff on-site who will be involved in their delivery".  

Overview of finalists and host institutions. Site visit indicates status. (Consortium partners are not included in the list.)