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Diku is Norway’s official agency for international programmes and measures related to education. It is commissioned by several national and international public organisations to administer programmes at all levels of education.

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Elementary school and kindergarten
Upper secondary education
Adult learning
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Higher education
Artistic research
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Application deadline
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Centres for Excellence in Education
A national initiative to recognize and stimulate excellence in Norwegian higher education.
Application deadline: 4/20/22
Mitacs Accelerate International
Support for research internships for Norwegian and Canadian students
Application deadline: Continuous
Arctic Research and Studies
To encourage scientific cooperation between higher education institutions and research organisations in Norway and Iceland in the field of Arctic science.
Application deadline: Continuous
Norwegian Artistic Research School
Joint professional training for doctoral fellows in Artistic Research.
Application deadline: Continuous
India Programme INCP
The Indo-Norwegian Cooperation Program (INCP) supported 15 projects from 2015-2018.
Application deadline: 8/1/18
Building Skills for Jobs
Strengthening Technical and Vocational Education and Training in developing countries.
Application deadline: 10/6/17
Eurasia Programme
International cooperation in higher education between Norway and countries in Eurasia.
Application deadline: 2/15/19
Funds for cooperation between Norwegian academic communities and partners in Brazil
Application deadline: 10/30/18
Partnership Program with North America
Supports cooperation in higher education with Norway, Canada and the US
Application deadline: 9/25/19
Funds to build structures for international student internships.
Application deadline: 9/25/19
Norwegian Visiting Lectureships
Support for Norwegian lecturers employed at selected universities outside Norway.
Application deadline: 10/3/19
The Cooperation Programme with Russia
Knowledge cooperation between Norwegian and Russian higher education institutions.
Application deadline: 11/1/18
Norwegian Artistic Research Programme
Funding of artistic research projects for the creative and performing arts.
Application deadline: 9/24/21
Nordplus provides support for mobility, projects and networks
Application deadline: 2/1/21
Supports the establishment of long-term partnerships between Norway and Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, and the USA.
Application deadline: 2/1/21
NORPART - Norwegian Partnership Programme for Global Academic Cooperation
NORPART supports academic partnerships and student mobility between higher education institutions.
Application deadline: 5/27/21
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