Project example
Project example

Strengthening public sector management in Ukraine

  • Project name: Eurasia Programme
  • Field of study: Accounting, budgeting, finance
  • Allocated funds: 5,999,280 NOK
  • Project coordinator: Nord University
  • Project partners: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, the Norwegian-Ukrainian chamber of Commerce and the Comparative International Governmental Accounting Research Network
  • Contacts:

    Professor Anatoli Bourmistrov

Project description

The Norwegian-Ukrainian Cooperation in Public Sector Education (NUPSEE) program is a flexible dual master program developed in partnership between Nord University and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The program endeavors to strengthen regional collaboration in the field of public sector management and accelerate Ukraine’s integration into the European community. Ukrainian students who undertake the two-year program are able to graduate with two master diplomas – one from each partner university. Norwegian students are also able to participate in a semester-long exchange program in Kyiv. 

Project activities

-    Double master program
-    Online methodology unit
-    Semester or internship abroad
-    Study tours and workshops
-    Joint research programs

Establishment of the project

Nord University has a long history of cooperation with Ukrainian universities and in 2014 became a central partner in the Norwegian-Ukrainian University Alliance (NUUA) in 2014. 

Two men with diplomas

Bohdan Dorosh with Professor Anatoli Bourmistrov from Nord University. Photo credits: Nord University


Each year ten to fifteen students graduate from the double degree program.

Another key outcome of the program is the unprecedented strength of the institutional partnership forged between Nord University and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Although NUPSEE is coming towards the end of its funding agreement, both institutions are exploring new collaborations, including a new dialogue focused on smart city scenario planning.

Professor Anatoli Boumistov reflects optimistically on the program’s contribution to the life and careers of students.

- Upon graduation, all of our double degree students are required to return to Ukraine. This helps safeguard the nation against a brain drain. Norway is highly regarded in Ukrainian society and so graduates of our program have bright career prospects, he explains.

Group photo of students and professors

Advice to others

Project Coordinator Anatoli Bourmistrov stressed the importance of strong internal and external relationships when designing and implementing international academic programs that are mutually recognized across borders, particularly when partner institutions have different education philosophies and systems. 

- If you don’t have interest from researchers and administrators it can be hard to advance cooperation. We were fortunate to have high-level support for our program which helped us develop a harmonized program that satisfied the academic requirements of both administrations, he says.