Reports and publications


Graduate Survey A door opener in the arts field

This report presents the results of a graduate survey targeting persons who completed either the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme or a doctoral degree programme in artistic research at a Norwegian institution of higher education. The goal of the survey is to map what benefit graduates derived from these study programmes and their significance for the graduates' professional careers.

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The Vienna Declaration on Artistic Research

Artistic Research is practice-based, practice-led research in the arts which has developed rapidly in the last twenty years globally and is a key knowledge base for art education in Higher Arts Education Institutions. The Vienna Declaration is intended as a policy document addressing political decision makers, funding bodies, higher education and research institutions as well as other organisations and individuals catering for and undertaking artistic research.

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International Students in Norway Contributors to Quality in Higher Education

The survey has gathered information among international students in Norway. The report presents their motivations for, experiences with and assessments of their studies in Norway. 


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UTFORSK Partnership Programme 2013–2016: Analysis of project results

This report reviews the pilot period of the UTFORSK Partnership Programme that ran from 2013 to 2016. UTFORSK (2013-2016) targeted research collaborations funded by the Research Council of Norway in Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and Japan. The aim of the programme was to use research as a basis for educational cooperation.

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International students in Norway 2016 - Perceptions of Norway as a study destination

This report explores the reputation of Norwegian higher education through the experiences of international students in Norway. It investigates the HEIs capacity to receive, integrate and educate international students in Norway. 

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"Norway is the best place in the world" Foreign student's perception of Norway as a study destination 2014

Norway is an attractive country for international students, according to the findings of the 2014 study of foreign students’ perception of Norway as a study destination. This is SIU’s fourth report on foreign students’ perception of Norway as a study destination.

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What is critical reflection?

A question concerning artistic research, genre and the exercise of making narratives about one’s own work.

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Chinese Higher Education: Reforms and Tendencies

This report by PhD Cai Yuzhou of Tampere University, Finland, seeks to update stakeholders on reforms and trends affecting the development of the Chinese higher education system. Providing institutional staff and interested parties with a better understanding of current developments in China , the report will contribute to laying the groundwork for networking and cooperation between Norwegian and Chinese institutions. 

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NOMA Annual Report 2010

This report gives an overview of the core activities and results with regard to capacity building and institutional development
in the NOMA Programme in 2010.

The report is based on the annual reporting from the institutions and projects participating in the NOMA cooperation. 

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Mid-term review of NUCOOP 2011

The purpose of the review is to make an assessment of the NUCOOP Programme. The assessment should focus on the implementation of NUCOOP-supported projects, including organisation and management, and especially consider whether the projects are ‘on track’, achievements so far and the need for possible adjustments. In addition, the review should assess the relevance of the activities being undertaken. 

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International Mobility among PhD Candidates at Norwegian Higher Education Institutions

The topic of this report is international mobility among PhD candidates at higher education institutions in Norway, its extent, driving forces and barriers. 

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Review of the Tanzania-Norway NUFU Programme 2007-2011

The evaluation aimed to assess ‘The Tanzania - Norway NUFU Programme 2007 - 2011’ (hereafter referred to as the Programme) covering the period from the start of the programme in 2007 until the review began in April 2010.

The focus has been on the efficiency, effectiveness, relevance and sustainability of the Programme. 

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Gender Mainstreaming in the NUFU Programme

It is SIU’s view that the report should be regarded as a status report on gender mainstreaming in the
NUFU Programme. It points out the challenges that many institutions and projects face in
mainstreaming gender into research topics, curriculum development and other activities. At the same
time the report contains ideas and recommendations regarding concrete actions that may be taken by
projects, institutions, the Programme Board and programme administrators like SIU.

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NUFU Final Report 2002 - 2006

The NUFU Programme – the Norwegian Programme for Development, Research and Education – supports long-term academic cooperation between institutions of research and higher education in the South and corresponding institutions in Norway. The programme rests on a partnership model based on the notion of equality, mutual benefit for all partners, as well as institutional commitment and ownership.

In the third NUFU programme period (2002-2006), 30 institutions were involved as main partners in the South and 12 in Norway. The portfolio consisted of 71 five-year projects; 55 in Africa, 9 in Asia, 2 in Latin America, and 5 in the Palestinian areas.

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